Puppy Cup 2022 - Bangkok Prep

Puppy Cup 2022

Sunday the 8th of May saw the return of the prestigious Puppy Cup at Bangkok Prep Primary School. 8 schools from the Bangkok international school swimming community were represented, so competition was going to be fierce. As the hands of the clock hit 8 the competition began. Accompanied by the excited tones of Coach Andrew’s commentary all athletes were putting on quite the show, this was reflected by the 121 people who joined us online. 

The pride displayed on Coach’s Yean and Jiang faces was visible to see as not only were their squad swimmers displaying their talents, but most impressively so were those who are part of Preps hugely successful Learn 2 Swim scheme. 

Race after race went by but you could not take your eyes off the action. We headed into the final few heats of the last event, an announcement indicated that the overall team scores were incredibly close. One race could make all the difference.

As all Athletes, coaches and officials gathered in the sports hall the atmosphere was incredible, with everyone joining in and singing loud to the YMCA. When the song came to a close Coach Ollie made his way to the microphone, announcing the final team results. Coaches crossed their fingers and toes, hoping to see their team walk away with a trophy. Eventually the name Bangkok Prep was read out, and two of our national level swimmers, Poom and Elizabeth took to the podium in 3rd place. First place was eventually taken by Shrewsbury school, many congratulations to them.


And with that the 2022 Puppy Cup came to a close. 


Well done Bulldogs!


Coach Andrew Duckworth

Primary Head of Aquatics


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