Reception Production of ‘Snowman at Sunset’ - Bangkok Prep

Reception Production of ‘Snowman at Sunset’

On Wednesday 11th December Reception performed the story of ‘Snowman at Sunset’ to a packed auditorium of parents and KS2 students.

As part of this term’s ‘Let’s Design’ theme, the students were given the autonomy to design almost every element of the show. After choosing the role they wanted to play, the groups of students were asked to think about the costumes that they wanted to wear. With the full support of parents, who provided the clothing, the students made the embellishments to their outfits. In addition, the students also created the giant snowman, the decorations on the stage and the advertising poster.

The highlight of the performance for much of the audience were the 7 songs which the students sung with enthusiasm. The students choreographed the actions to accompany the words as well as the dance routines.

The Reception Team would like to congratulate the students for a wonderful performance, as well as thanking the parents for their support throughout this term.

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