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Recycle ATKs – Precious Plastic Bangkok

“ATKs are now a necessary part of our everyday lives. Based on rough estimates for the number of students across Bangkok’s 100+ international schools doing 2 tests/week, this could equal 26,000 kgs of ATK plastic waste across 1 school year! This isn’t counting tests being done by teachers or support staff.

This plastic is being used once and sent straight to landfills. 

Up until now, concerns about COVID transmission have stopped recyclers from accepting these tests. However, the latest science shows that COVID surface transmission is incredibly unlikely. We want to fix this by collecting ATK tests alongside our regular plastic collections from Bangkok’s schools.”  By Precious Plastic Bangkok


Here is what you need to do:

  • Step 1. Make sure ATK tests come back negative, we cannot accept positive results!
  • Step 2. Lightly bend the test until it separates, and get rid of the small test strip inside.
  • Step 3. Rinse the 2 plastic parts.
  • Step 4. Bring in the cleaned plastic parts of ATKs to school and give them to your tutor. These will be collected regularly by the Eco Team to be sent to the recycling centre

Plastics collected will be disinfected and melted to 180°C in order to ensure there is no chance of COVID surviving by the time it’s been processed! It’s then used to make a special line of products.  Let’s see how much plastic we can collect and recycle this term!  Recycle ATKs 

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