Reunite, Reconnect, Reunion! Our 1st London Alumni Event! - Bangkok Prep

Reunite, Reconnect, Reunion! Our 1st London Alumni Event!

In March, Mrs Patrada Yomnak, School Director, and Mr Duncan Stonehouse, Head of School, hosted the Bangkok Prep Alumni reception at The Royal Over-Seas League, St. James, London.

It was our 1st alumni event to take place overseas. It was well attended with 35 alumni guests, ranging from class of 2017 to the current class of 2023. 

At the event, alumni were updated with the current school news including an exciting move to Sukhumvit 77 and reconnected with other Bangkok Prep alumni that are now based in London and around  the UK. 

The school aims to form a strong connection amongst our UK based alumni, as well as with the graduating alumni coming to the UK, which is our most popular destination among our graduating classes.

A special thanks to Pam Isarangkura (Class of ‘22) and Magnum Thananitayaudom (Class of ’23) who helped with the arrangement, filming, photography and alumni communications for this inaugural  event. 

For Bangkok Prep alumni who haven’t yet registered with us, please scan the QR code below and we will make sure everyone stays in the  loop!


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