Rosina Hasell - Meet our Teachers - Bangkok Prep

Rosina Hasell – Meet our Teachers

What do you love about working at Bangkok Prep?

I love the students’ kind and caring manner, which allows them to approach challenging situations with precision.

What inspired you to teach PE and take on the Community Service Coordinator role?

As a teacher I feel it is my responsibility to provide students with opportunities to adapt to the challenge. Teaching PE allows me to give students an insight into a variety of sporting activities that help them to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The Community Service programme allows students to push themselves to be creative and think about others who are in need.

Can you tell us some more about the Community Service work that you are involved with and what organisation have you partnered with?

As the Coordinator of Community Service I have developed the programme to allow students to design their own projects. Allowing our students to be creative thinkers and giving them opportunities to help the community in areas that they are passionate about. There are a large variety of projects taking place, from preparing and delivering lessons for underprivileged children, to designing and making bracelets to help raise money for charity.

Besides the students’ projects, there are also a number of ways that the students are supporting the community. Students are helping teachers at the Primary Campus giving our secondary students the chance to build their confidence and develop their communication skills with younger children. They are also supporting the secondary teachers, which allows our Community Service students to challenge and stretch younger secondary students.

Students are also planning and delivering a wide variety of lessons to an Asylum Seeker community, giving our students an insight into supporting communities that are less fortunate than themselves. This programme is challenging our students to create diverse and exciting lessons from advanced Mathematics to Art, truly impacting the lives of others. Also, a number of students are supporting local charities, including; PAWs, RoyRak, Urban Neighbours of Hope, Rama Foundation, Duang Pradeep Foundation and the Mercy Centre.

Finally, as part of the Community service Programme, I have built partnerships with two amazing organisations. Urban Neighbours of Hope, a charity that works closely with the Khlong Toey community.  And, The Village International Educational Center, an education centre that is exclusively for children with special needs. Both of these organisations are providing our students with invaluable opportunities.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given about teaching?

Always approach situations fairly and with a smile on your face, this will help build positive relationships with the students. 

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