Sandbox Safety Zone in School Programme Update - 31.08.2021 - Bangkok Prep

Sandbox Safety Zone in School Programme Update – 31.08.2021

Tuesday 31st August 2021


Dear Parents or Guardians

Re: “Sandbox: Safety Zone in School” programme update

You may be aware of some recent announcements from the CCSA indicating that there will be a reduction in some of the COVID-19 restrictions. Included in these announcements was a statement mentioning that schools may begin to allow students back into school for learning if they gain approval to take part in the “Sandbox: Safety Zone in School” programme. This programme has been created to transition children back into their classrooms for learning in schools. Please see below some of the criteria that we expect to be included in the requirements for approval of schools to take part in this programme:


  • a minimum of 85% of teachers and education personnel must have been vaccinated and before they can enter the school, must be tested with Antigen Test Kit (ATK) with a negative result.
  • students must be tested with ATK with a negative result before attending school, in person on the campus.
  • schools must limit the number of students entering school each day.
  • schools must keep students and staff in the “Bubble and Seal” protocol.
  • school staff will be required to complete assessment on “Thai Stop Covid Plus” and “Thai Safe Thai” applications regularly.
  • schools must have an effective COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan.


Bangkok Prep will adhere to the approved list of preventive measures and procedures. We will request permission to open from the appropriate authorities and if we are granted approval, we will begin to initially transition into the hybrid model. Please be reassured that we will still be starting ‘online’ for new student orientation sessions and the beginning of Term 1 on Thursday 9th September.

We fully understand that some parents may be feeling very anxious about allowing their children to come into school so we will continue to provide Online Learning as well as the hybrid learning model (for more details please refer to my message sent to parents on 13th August 2021). I will update you on the progress of the ‘Sandbox Safety Zone in School’ approval accordingly.

We will continue to do our very best to follow advice from medical experts and stay healthy. Equally, we must all remember that it is our values of honesty, caring and community mindedness that keep us the special community that we are. Thank you for your continuing support during these difficult times.


Yours faithfully

Duncan Stonehouse

Head of School

Our Campus


BANGKOK, 10110

77 สุขุมวิท 77 วัฒนา
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110