School Network Partnership Programme - Bangkok Prep

School Network Partnership Programme

On March 26, 2021, the Bangkok Prep Equity Team attended an award ceremony to conclude our Interschool Equity Partnership at Gateway Ekkamai. Our two teams, Buriram Blossom (Ken, Ploy, Mumu, Nammon, Phurich and Pyncha) and Batik Tarpee (Minnie, Ahana, Sarocha, Taas, Anthony, Dean, Zac and Zara) both got to go onstage to be presented with certificates in recognition of our hard work and dedication throughout the project.

This project started in November, 2020. Over the past 5 months we travelled to different provinces, attended workshops, presented in front of a board of judges, and finally, launched our product on the JD Central website. As you can see, this project has presented us with a wide variety of challenges and opportunities where we had to display united teamwork, and join forces to complete a common goal: producing a product. During the workshops we were taught by many skilled professionals in the JD central marketing team, who provided us with guidance and advice on how to navigate a market. From development, to manufacturing, to advertising. This helped expand our knowledge towards business, and allowed us to easily visualise links between the content we do in the classroom to the real world. Furthermore, since we were paired up with different schools, we developed excellent communication and teamwork skills. By working with so many people from different backgrounds and age groups, we learned the power of listening and compromise. Everyone has different perspectives; all unique in their own way – thus a combination of these ideas led us to produce a final product we were all very proud of.

In addition, I would like to say a huge thank you to Ms Arora, who has supported us young entrepreneurs throughout the whole project. We are very grateful that she has presented us with this very exciting new opportunity during last year. I would also like to say a thank you to Mr Kumar, who helped and accompanied us on our trips throughout the course of the programme as well!

Finally, I would like to recommend this project to any keen students who are looking to challenge themselves. Not only does this widen your knowledge of the subject, it also provides you with certain skills, such as teamwork, that will be extremely useful for future careers – no matter what field you choose. Ultimately, a final thank you goes out to everyone who helped purchase and promote our products. I am proud to say we have raised 18,950 baht for the Buriram Blossom team, and 17,955 baht for team Batik Tarpee.

All proceeds have been given to schools in rural provinces to develop their facilities for children all over Thailand!


By Pyncha S (11EP)

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