Science Week 2023 - Bangkok Prep

Science Week 2023

Last week Bangkok Prep hosted Science week where students were able to participate and engage in a variety of scientific activities, investigations, demonstrations, discussions, and house competitions.

Featured below are just some of the activities that place during lessons, break and lunchtimes:

Liquid Nitrogen

Brain dissection

Science Fair

Physics House Competition Paper Boat Race

Screaming Jelly Babies

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

Making Lava Lamps


Biology Bake-off

This year’s Science Week saw our first Biology bake-off House competition. Students were asked to bake a cake with a physiological theme. There were some fabulous entries where creativity and science came together in deliciously innovative ways! We are thrilled to announce the winners:


1st Place Emi with her Incredibly Realistic Brain Cake,

2nd Place Pann Pann, Paln and Sheen with their Tasty Cell, Organ and organ system based biscuits,

3rd Place Advika, Debra, Brenda, Tobey and Malak with their Fantastic Eye Cake

Runner up Jasmine with her Beautiful Science Week Cake.


Congratulations to all our winners and well done for wowing us with such inspiring creations!

The Biology department is eagerly anticipating next year’s entries, as we hope the competition continues to amaze us with its delicious blend of science and baking artistry!

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