Secondary Deputy Head Student Announcement - Bangkok Prep

Secondary Deputy Head Student Announcement

It is with great pleasure that we can announce our Secondary Deputy Head Students for this academic year. Please join me in congratulating Kwan-kao and JL of Year 12 as our new Deputy Head Students.

Message from JL – Hello! I am JL, your new Deputy Head Boy for this year. I am honoured to have been given this opportunity, and enter a position that effectively allows positive changes to be made to the school. It is my promise to fulfil the role, and constantly strive for the benefit of our Bangkok Prep community. Most importantly, I feel sincerely grateful for all the support from my peers and teachers. From the bottom of my heart: thank you so much!

Message from Kwan-kao – Hi! I’m KK, and I am delighted to be your Deputy Head Girl for this academic year. I am very grateful to be a big part of crafting a warm and welcoming community in which the changes we make will have sustained impacts on the generations of future leaders here at our school. I cannot wait to be working alongside with many amazing leaders and nonetheless, our fabulous Bangkok Prep community.

As you can see below, our new Deputy Head Students had quite the challenging process to go through to be successful. All 16 of our applicants gave an incredible amount of themselves and we hope those that were unsuccessful see it as a minor speed bump and a learning opportunity. The remaining student leadership positions will be advertised next week. 

Below is the application and selection process for 2023/24 Deputy Head Student:

  1. Applications anonymised and then ranked by Head Boy/Girl, Head of Secondary School, Assistant Head of Curriculum and Head of Sixth Form by Wednesday 13th September
  2. Highest 3 ranked boys and girls will progress through to the final stage of the process
  3. Final stage includes a 20 minute interview – Completed by 14th September
  4. Alongside the interview, shortlisted candidates will be given a group task: Students will have two periods to go through the appreciative inquiry model and come up with a new/improved student leadership structure that will enable the school to achieve our vision of preparing our community for a sustainable global futureMonday 18th September
  5. Students will be given the school’s strategic aims, the vision and the existing student leadership structure as prompts   
  6. Announcements will be made by 22nd September


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