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Secondary Firefly Relaunch – Digital Treasure Hunt

Did you know that all of the information that you require about your child’s learning can be found in one place – our wonderful Firefly platform!

We have streamlined Firefly to make it easy to use and navigate, and all content has been renewed.

To help you learn where some key information can be found we are holding a ‘Digital Treasure Hunt for Parents’!

Starting from Monday 28th October until Friday 1st November 2019, we will post a daily question at 8am about something on Firefly, and you will need to log in to Firefly and attempt to find the answer.  At the end of the week you must email the five answers into us at and a winner will be drawn at random.  Deadline for Entries is 3.20pm on Monday 4th November 2019.

This winner will receive a prize and feature in a story on our weekly blog!

Good luck!!

Prize up for grabs!!

Our fantastic Firefly Treasure Hunt for Parents started yesterday – and here is what you could win. An amazing external hard drive to help you store all your important files, photographs/videos and information.

Remember – we will post one question per day via Facebook every day this week, and all the answers can be found on our Firefly pages. Email us your 5 answers to over the weekend, and a winner will be chosen at random next week. Deadline for entries is Monday 04.11.19 at 3.20pm.

Firefly Relaunch Digital Treasure Hunt for Parents – Questions 


1. Which university did the Faculty Leaders for Science obtain her degree in Biological Sciences?


2. The school uses Epicure for its catering. Under Food Services, what is Epicure’s philosophy?


3. Friends of Bangkok Prep (FoBP) are a vital part of life at school. What hobbie is their President, Scott Bevan, an instructor for?


4. What four areas do the Online Safety Videos for parents cover?


5. Which Year 11 Subject Mock Exam starts at 14.05 on Tuesday 05.11.19?


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