Secondary Lunar New Year at Bangkok Prep - Bangkok Prep

Secondary Lunar New Year at Bangkok Prep

This week the Mandarin team, with the help of our dedicated students and the events team, organised and held the celebrations for the Lunar New Year. Students and staff spent a lot of time creating decorations to adorn the whole school, creating an authentic environment for the celebrations which welcomed the Year of the Rat.

On Monday morning all students attended a special assembly for the celebrations where they were able to witness professional and exhilarating performances of the Dragon & Lion Dances. Some of our Mandarin students also presented to the school about the different customs and traditions in a variety of countries.

Even the staff working in the administration block were treated to a special performance after the assemblies in order to bring good luck to the school – and they had a great time!

It was a fantastic event and we hope parents and students really enjoyed celebrating with the World Languages team. However, the celebrations are far from over! On Friday 7th February students will again have the opportunity to celebrate the end of the Lunar New Year festival through the Mandarin Language day. On this day, all language students will take part in a short quiz and will also have the opportunity to earn points for their House by competing in the Chinese song karaoke in the Undercroft at lunchtime! We look forward to seeing many students give it their best shot!



星期一是大年初三,学校在礼堂举行春节的庆祝活动,除了邀请专业的舞龙舞狮来校表演以外,中文部的学生还介绍了各个国家对红包-压岁钱等春节传统活动的不同说法;高中部的学生更介绍了春节食物代表的意义以及春节期间的一些禁忌。观众不但欣赏了精彩的表演, 还对春节传统活动有了初浅的了解。


这次的庆祝活动非常成功,参与的学生,教职人员以及家长都非常开心。 有始有终,中文部在迎接新年的活动圆满落幕后,接着在二月七号-语言部的中文日。在那一天,所有语言部的学生都有机会透过答题的方式,认识更多的中国文化; 不但如此,当天中午,中文部还将举办一场中文歌曲卡拉OK 比赛来庆祝春节的最后一个节日-元宵节。


祝贺大家新春如意, 万事如意!

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