Shark Guardian visit Secondary - Bangkok Prep

Shark Guardian visit Secondary

On Friday 9th June, Year 8 had the honour of a visit from Brendon at Shark Guardian,  who came to talk about sharks, looking at their evolution, how dangerous they are, the different species of sharks out there and of course, the threats to the beautiful sharks in our oceans.  

The presentation was fascinating and our students learned a great deal about sharks and how they act very differently from what we imagine.  The videos of sharks in our oceans and how they interact with humans were really interesting and I’m certain we will all take note of Brendon’s final pieces of advice so that sharks continue to thrive in the future rather than become endangered.  If you are interested, please check out their website,, and subscribe to their blogs and newsletters so that you are kept up to date with the wonderful activities they do for shark conservation. 


Some comments from students in 8AW:

“The talk from the shark guardians was a pleasure to listen to. The jokes at the start were my favourite part.” Elena

“The speech was very inspirational, it was a good reminder about why we shouldn’t eat shark fins and how we can live a more sustainable lifestyle.” Num

“It was very engaging and informative.” Geni & Mia



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