Siam Book Award Logo Winner - Bangkok Prep

Siam Book Award Logo Winner

Congratulations, Siam Book Award Logo Winner!

In order to better reflect the regions that are represented, the Bangkok Book Awards decided to change its name to Siam Book Awards (2022). A national logo search contest was launched to all international schools in Thailand.

Congratulations to graduating Katie Lee! She received an overwhelming number of votes and won the whole competition open entered by many students from many different schools. Bangkok Prep is very proud of Katie’s accomplishment.

Katie has given the Siam Book Awards committee permission to use her logo and her name will be on the credits when the new website ( goes public in August 2021. Although there is no monetary award, she has bragging rights and can mention this for her future CV, resume and university applications. Her design will be used on the official website, posters, bookmarks, and other marketing paraphernalia.

You can clearly see how her logo represents Siam Book Awards. Look for her amazing logo in the future!

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