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Smile Club at Bangkok Prep

Did you know 1 in 700 Thai babies are born with cleft lip/palate? And 1 in 10 of these children born with cleft do not survive past the age of 1! This year, Bangkok Prep has founded it’s very own smile club – working with Operation Smile to help create awareness and raise funds to contribute to their worthy cause.

Operation Smile is a non profit organisation who provide hundreds of cleft surgeries each year in over 30 countries to underprivileged children – including Thailand! They provide numerous children with the opportunity to lead a happy and healthy life, as cleft lip/palate can cause physical difficulties (struggles to breathe, eat and speak) along with psychological problems (being bullied and humiliated) that could lead to self isolation.

We, the Smile Club at Bangkok Prep aim to create awareness and aid Operation Smile with their medical missions.

Please go and follow our instagram page: @smileclub.bkk where we post updates on their cause and keep you notified with our future fundraising events! Thank you for your support and remember: your contribution can help a child smile!

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