Splendid Theatre Company Visit the Black Box - Bangkok Prep

Splendid Theatre Company Visit the Black Box

On Thursday the 2nd of May, Bangkok Secondary Campus was lucky enough to have a visit from the world renowned and professional theatre company Splendid. Splendid came to perform for the second time at Bangkok Prep in front of over 100 students in Year 9, 12 and 13, who watched the epic retelling of ‘Oresteia’ written by Aeschylus and adapted by Kerry Frampton.

Three powerful female practitioners used Brechtian methods to condense Aeschylus’s classic trilogy into just one epically fast and fun piece of theatre. A classic story of family, vengeance and honour from ancient Greece and the first time we heard the voices of all the women and their experience through this legend; a truly remarkable 21st century theatre experience for our students. After the performance A Level Drama students were lucky enough to have a dedicated workshop on devising techniques used by Splendid, which they all thoroughly enjoyed. The day was a great success and we are grateful for the three very talented actors who came to perform and work with the students, but most of all we got to see and hear them speak passionately about the importance of theatre in our society.




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