STEM Case Competition 2022 Winners - Bangkok Prep

STEM Case Competition 2022 Winners

On 11th-13th February, we (Pyncha, Jemmy and Frances) competed in the STEM case competition 2022 hosted by the EIS STEM club in partnership with PTT.

We are proud to say we finished in first place out of 35 teams in total!

It was an online competition where we had to come up with a project proposal on how to overcome the flooding problem in Thailand. Every team had only 48 hours to create a solution after the question was released! The judges were Khun Pruek Pongprueksa – a PTT sustainability strategy development’s senior analyst, Dr Ronnachai Tiyarattanachai – a Professor of King’s Mongkut’s Institute of technology Ladkrabang with a Ph.D. in the environmental science field, and Khun Piti Sukontasukkul- a professor from King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok.

Every team had to submit a 5 minute video presentation regarding their solution. We tackled the problem by finding a solution to reduce the destruction of floods – specifically the force of the water. This is because we knew it was impossible to oppose the forces of nature. We divided the solution into 3 stages: Diverting the flood – with our specially designed tubes, Dispersing the water into dams throughout Nakhon Sawan, and finally Delaying the arrival of the flood so people would have time to evacuate. Thus, our project was called 3-D. Our solution is composed of 2 components: self inflating barriers that would fill up with water to increase the capacity of the river, and a series of interconnected storage bubbles to increase the drag force and distance of water flowing through.

On the 13th, every team joined a zoom call where they would announce the top 3 teams with the highest scores overall based on 3 categories: applicability, effectiveness and creativity. To our delight, we were among the shortlisted teams! The top 3 teams were then invited to attend an interview session with all the judges, where they would ask questions regarding our solution. During the award ceremony we were extremely pleased to see that our hard work during the weekend had paid off and our team name ‘The Trè’ was under the first place award!


By Pyncha S (Y12), Frances B (Y12), and Jemmy B (Y12)

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