Taejai Market Charity Fair - Saturday 19th December - Bangkok Prep

Taejai Market Charity Fair – Saturday 19th December

Dear Bangkok Prep community,

Food4Good อิ่มท้องน้องอิ่มด้วย Project was established in 2014 under Yuwapat Foundation to support good nutrition for children in remote areas of Thailand. We are determined to project our message to society about dietary and nutrition for children, which is an urgent matter that can be helped by society. If children do not getting sufficient nutrition – it will affect their growth development, both physically and mentally.

Children in many remote areas have less opportunity to eat nutritious food, which is caused by of a variety of factors; such as the food budget given by the government, (where a school may not get enough school lunch budget from the government so the Secondary students have to share lunch with the Primary students which is approximately 9 Baht per meal per person). Distance is also another factor; transportation and catering can be difficult to deliver, fresh ingredients cannot be stored for a long time due to the lack of electricity in some areas, water that is not clean, where in some cases people have used the water from a mountain as drinking water.

Bambini Villa x Taejai x Food4Good will hold a Charity Fair on 19th December 2020, 10AM – 6PM at Bambini Villa.

We cordially invite parents and students to join us in the fundraising charity booth, for the children with less opportunities, to bring them good food and a better quality of life.

 If any members of the Bangkok Prep community would like to hire a booth for this Charity Fair please see the Terms and conditions for registration:

  1. Standard booth size 1.8 x 1.5 sq.m. includes 1.8 metres table and 2 chairs
  2. Booth opening and closing times are 10AM and 6PM
  3. Booths that require electrical equipment, details of the equipment must be given to the organiser prior to the date and to bring their own extension cord.
  4. Any students who attend this fair, will receive a certificate from Bambina x Taejai x Food4Good.
  5. The organiser reserves the right to allocate stores. It will be categorised by product group, number of shops, etc.

**1,500 Baht for a 1 booth as a donation or as per negotiation.

***Every donation is tax deductible.


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