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Alumni Update: Talented Talay!

Our notable alumni, Attawee Pornjaiharn, is a smart and young entrepreneur who is the founder of one of Bangkok’s finest dessert shops called @loaflay selling premium donuts. Talay is part of Bangkok Prep Class of 2015.

Talay joined Bangkok Prep in year 8. He said that he was always impressed with Bangkok Prep’s way of teaching and was always eager to learn. He also shares that his most favorite memory with Prep friends was the residential trip to Pranburi. “Whenever I look back on my days at Bangkok Prep, I just remember all the fun I had and how happy I was. And I am sure that a lot of things that happened to me during those times really shaped who I am today”.

As mentioned earlier, our talented alumni is a Founder and Creative Director of LOAFLAY. Loaflay is an online bakery that Talay and his younger sister Yayee (also a Bangkok Prep Alumni) founded. Talay shares with us that he has plans to open a dessert cafe next year. Apart from Loaflay, Talay is also the Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications for Cruff Snack Co., Ltd. where they offer a variety of truffle chips. Talay is also passionate about services for the country where he strongly believes in building the future of Thailand together. Super impressive!

Talay is a very driven person who strives for success. He put in a lot of hard work and effort into starting this bakery business. The entrepreneurial spirit in him allowed him to achieve his goals.

Let’s talk about Loaflay. Loaflay crafted from Talay and Yayee’s love for Japanese culture. From the bakery itself, packaging or service, they make sure that the branding is on point. They have previously collaborated with MachiMachi, a milk tea brand from Taiwan which has 40 branches in 12 countries in creating an Afternoon Tea set. And they also have an ongoing collaboration with Guss Damn Good where they created an ice cream flavor called “Quality Time” together.

And now let’s hear from Talay. He leaves us with a sweet message that “I believe the way you grow up shapes who you are. I am lucky that I got the chance to grow up in Bangkok Prep and met wonderful teachers and friends. Many of my closest friends are from Bangkok Prep. I truly had the best time. I also learnt how to become hardworking and responsible during school days and it helps me in my work life today. I would like to thank Bangkok Prep for giving me the best time of my highschool life. I definitely made the right decision by joining the school.”


Thank you Talay for sharing your story with our Bangkok Prep Alumni community. We are super proud to have an alumni like you. A truly inspiring entrepreneur. 💙

For those of you who want to share your story, please feel free to contact us at or send us a message on Instagram / Facebook @bangkokprepalumni


— Shalini Malhotra (Sharon), Class of 2015

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