Term 1 Primary ECAs End - Bangkok Prep

Term 1 Primary ECAs End

We are now at the end of the Term 1 ECA programme and hope that your child/ren have enjoyed their ECA choices and will be looking forward to the recommencement of ECAs in Term 2. There are no ECAs in the last 2 weeks of Term 1.

This week saw many ECA showcases where parents were invited in to see what their child has been learning at their ECA. It was great to see many students so excited to show their skills to their parents.  Thank you to the parents who attended.  See below for some of the showcases that were on display this week.

Curtain Up Drama: They performed the Adventures in Neverland! This is the first time they performed on stage and they did a great job!

Rhythmic Gymnastics: They showed us their gymnastics skills including catching a ball between their knees after a forward roll!.

Hip Hop: Our hip hop boys and girls look amazing and cool with their energetic dance class. SWAG!

Rock Guitar: They showed how far they have come with their guitar skills. They also had an opportunity to teach their parents how to play the guitar!

Ballet: Look at our beautiful ballerinas who displayed great skill and discipline!

Zumba: One of our most energetic ECAs.  The room was pumping with great music, dancing and energy and in the last performance the parents were invited to join in the Zumba fun!

Curtain Up Magic: Our little magicians showed many magic tricks to their parents. Abracadabra!!

Jazz Dance: The students were really focused on their jazz dance performance to their parents and received a huge round of applause for their efforts.  Well done to our young dancers!

Thank you again for your support of the ECA programme. Enjoy the break and we look forward to starting our Term 2 ECAs on Monday 11th January.

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