Term 1 Summary from SET Team - Bangkok Prep

Term 1 Summary from SET Team

Dear Bangkok Prep Community,

Term 1 has been incredibly eventful and fun for our student leadership team.

Artin and I kick started our academic year by opening applications for deputy head students in September. Our Deputy Head B and Girl, JL and KK, were selected through a long process of cover letters, interviews and group tasks.

Our newly assembled Student Executive Team then put our heads together alongside Mr. Hurworth and Mrs. Dixon to brainstorm a new student leadership structure to adapt to the rising number of students at Bangkok Prep. With new teams created such as the media team and the tech team, we created new roles of Assistant Head Students who help link their respective leadership sector with SET. Below is a visual of the full team…

To recap a few of the events that have happened…

Pol, our Assistant Head Student of Performance, led our creative arts prefects as they worked collaboratively with SAT and FOBP to design the amazing and horrifying haunted house for Halloween. Pol and the academic prefects then assisted Ms. Ahdego and were responsible for ensuring that the options evening ran smoothly. Whilst the arts prefects and academic prefects continue to plan and organise events such as acoustic live performances and student monitoring programs, our sports prefects are working closely with Mr. McFarlane to propose a Staff vs Varsity sports week.

Maria, our Assistant Head Student of Relationships has been responsible for the communication between SET and the house teams, student council and student services. We have had countless house competitions since the start of the year, ranging from house football, house tic-tac-toe toe to house e-Christmas card competitions but our biggest house event of term 1 is the magical and extravagant house Christmas sing-off where students and staff can be seen singing and dancing to popular Christmas hits about the big man himself… SANTA CLAUS!

Our student council team has carried out a Christmas box drive where boxes of toys were collected from students across school and will then be donated to underprivileged children as Christmas gifts. Our student service team are working with Ms. Bual to plan a ‘health day’ in term 2


Kiri, our Assistant Head Student of Enrichment has guided our Student Action Team into leading and helping create the Halloween haunted house as well as the trick or treat in addition to the Secret Santa, the Christmas PJ day and many more! As Kiri and SAT have many more fun events in store, she and the Eco Team are meeting regularly and looking forward to the future as they will be heading to an Eco conference in Hong Kong next term!


Jessie K, our Assistant Head Student of Public Relations worked with SET and Mr. Broadbent with applications and selections of Tech Team leaders. Moreover, Jessie is responsible for the communication between our gazette team who work on releasing new student-led prep magazines regularly and our media team who have created a vision board to present our new leaders in the new leadership structure.


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