Thai Olympic Sailors Pass on Secret Racing Tips - Bangkok Prep

Thai Olympic Sailors pass on secret racing tips to BKK Prep Sailing Squad.

Last weekend our Sailing Squad completed their final day of race training before this weekend’s championship.

After our training, we met two Thai Olympic Sailors, Khun Bam and Khun Top. They had the honour of representing Thailand at the London and Rio Olympic Games and we made sure to ask them for some top tips and handy hints on racing.

Khun Bam encouraged us to;

“Always be aware of the time and how long we have until the start, and we should always have a starting plan”.

Khun Top also reminded us to:

“Keep track of where the wind is coming from and do this by rotating our head until there is equal pressure on both sides”, as well as “always look at our tell tails to ensure we are sailing smoothly and as fast as we can”.

With these great tips and solid strategy, and the training that our team has been putting in, we certainly have a good chance of ranking this weekend.

The Sailing Squad would like to invite all BKK Prep students, parents and teachers to this exciting event over the weekend. We would love to have your support!

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