The Computing Games 2022 - Bangkok Prep

The Computing Games 2022

For the first time this year we will be inviting all Bangkok Prep students to participate in “The Computing Games” hosted by Tanglin Trust School, Singapore. The competition will take place on one day after school in mid-June (date tbc) in the school computer labs.  Some info from the organisers is shown below:

The competition is a simple format with dozens of programming problems of increasing difficulty to be attempted in 90 minutes.

Easy – IF, basic loops, simple maths

Medium – simple list (e.g. totals, counts), string manipulation, nested IFs

Hard – list manipulation, complex string analysis, tuples, dictionaries, and recursion

We have been told by the organisers that the event will be suitable for our KS3 programmers too. This means all students from Year 7 – Year 13 are encouraged to sign up if they have some basic understanding of Python.


Sign up link:





Christopher Hall

Teacher of Computer Science & Exams Officer



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