The Head of Primary Writes...Friday 1st March 2019 - Bangkok Prep

The Head of Primary Writes…Friday 1st March 2019

“Well done!” (how many times?)

Dear All,

I hope you have all had a wonderful half term break. Since I last wrote to you all we have relentlessly been moving forward with many activities and events, as we should be doing, as well as teaching!

A few examples of these include:

Well done to Year 5 with their trip to the Planetarium & Science Museum and also for an outstanding Science Showcase of their curiosity projects. Impressive! I would also like to say how impressed I am with the Roman’s in school. Well done to Year 4 – I love the displays and exhibits. While I am talking about displays, what a great selection we have to look at around the school, particularly in the breakout areas and the Undercroft. Once again, the Undercroft has been ‘refreshed’ with more outstanding work from all Year Groups in Primary. Well done! I hope everyone takes the time to stop and have a look at what we have been doing.

We have also had a Year 1 day trip to Pa Jeep Farm whilst our Year 2 team completed their Year Group Performances which were highly enjoyable for all concerned. Well done! I hope many of you enjoyed the amazing Chinese New Year celebrations, particularly the dances and acrobatics performed on the Sports Field. Well done to Ms Ivy Wang! I particularly enjoyed the superb activities organised by Nursery, Reception and Year 1 staff. Well done to you all!

I would like to thank Mr Simon Callow for organising so many Parent Maths workshop recently, which were so well attended. So much so, that he is considering offering them again (at a different time for parent convenience) next term. These workshops certainly highlight the work we do to support parents and the growing community. Well done!

Well done, to Mrs Jo North and her PE team for the latest and final instalment of Sports Days for this academic year. Meticulously planned, organised and timed to perfection, the EYFS Sports Day was a joy to watch. Also, Well done and thank you to The FOBP for the organising of the fun ‘Valentines, Funky Friday’ where so many children, teachers and parents enjoyed spending their time before leaving for the half term break!

Finally, regarding just some of the amazing things we have been doing lately, I am delighted to say, we have completed all our Key Stage 2 residential trips with the return of Year 6 from Kanchanaburi! Well done, Year 6 (just in time for the weekend). Get some rest, everyone!

These are just a few of the activities and events that have taken place, since I last wrote to you two weeks ago. Moving forward, this Sunday, for the second year running, we are hosting the Tournament of the Minds at our T77 Secondary Campus. A special thanks go to Ms Emma Gricmanis, Ms Jess Youton and Mr Christopher Duffin. Without your enthusiasm and support, these events could not be possible. Good luck to you all!

Transition lessons have taken place this last week and will build momentum to a full day in preparation for the transition from one year group to another for next academic year. This will end in a full day where Year 6 spend the day at T77 while every other Year Group spend the day in their new Year Group.

A quick reminder, my first Parent Forum this term is with Nursery Parents on Tuesday 12 March at 08:00 followed by Reception Parents on Thursday 14 March also at 08:00 in room 215. Nursery and Reception parents have already received their formal invitation from Ms Seddon and Ms Pearmain and I hope to see you all there. Finally, please look out for the information about our Book Week beginning on Monday 11th March which will end on Friday 15th March with a fancy dress book character parade. So, be prepared!


Best wishes

Brad Owen

Head of Primary

Our Campus


BANGKOK, 10110

77 สุขุมวิท 77 วัฒนา
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110