Head of Primary writes “Not only that...but also our philosophy too!”

The Head of Primary writes…“Not only that…but also our philosophy too!”

Dear All,

It’s been quite a while since I have written to you all. Although it’s a little late to be wishing you all a Happy New Year, I will say that I hope your New Year has got off to a great start as mine certainly has as we have just completed another highly successful, recruitment campaign of high quality, passionate and enthusiastic teachers. Not only that, they come highly qualified with amazing experiences and outstanding references and they will be a great addition to our community.

I have just submitted my article for the next Prepazine and hope you manage to get a copy of it and make time to read it. I talk about how “I continue to be proud of our philosophy, high standards and of our teachers and children!”  and how I continue to be “very proud” of our achievements here at Bangkok Prep Primary. Our philosophy is built upon the ‘whole child’, developing our children socially, emotionally and academically. In addition, our philosophy of recruiting the right candidate every time continues each year! Furthermore, it includes developing and empowering our amazing teaching staff here at Bangkok Prep.

Our community continues to grow at a steady rate; welcoming superb families and friends to our outstanding, school community. I have repeatedly said that “we are the best school in Bangkok!” and I still believe it is as we demonstrate our philosophy on a daily basis!

However, although I am not proud of how polluted the Earth is becoming and I am not proud of being part of a ‘requested’ school closure, again, I am proud of how our staff and children have adapted and coped with the ongoing AQI concerns in and around Bangkok Prep. I am also proud of how the school continues to purchase not only more and more air purifiers but much bigger ones and without raising the school fees to do so. I am very proud of how our staff and children have adapted to eating indoors so quickly and so effectively.

I would like to take this opportunity of informing all our parents of a few developments regarding the AQI and our procedures and how well we are tackling this ongoing concern.

We are purchasing more and more air purifiers and many larger ones too. As well as many AQI indicators which you will see strategically placed around the school. Please be advised that we will now be eating indoors, regardless of the AQI before we go out to play (depending on the AQI of course). In addition to all these new purchases, we have appointed builders and developers to enclose our cafeterias between now and after half term. Because our younger children are at higher risk due to developing lung capacity etc., we will begin with our Early Years cafeteria and work from there. Our snacks will be served indoors prior to children being informed of whether it’s safe to go outside for a break. Essentially, all this means is less time spent in poor air quality. Finally, I will be advertising my annual Parent Forums soon, where I will certainly update each individual Year Group with all of these developments and much more. Please do look out for the invites.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy every minute of it.


Kind regards

Brad Owen

Head of Primary

Our Campus


BANGKOK, 10110

77 สุขุมวิท 77 วัฒนา
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110