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The Head of Secondary writes…

Value of the Month is Internationally Minded

It has been such a fun filled and packed first week back, that the holidays may seem a distant memory. It was just the last weekly round up that Brad Owen said “Have great half term holiday everyone. Look after yourselves and enjoy every minute!”. I hope you all managed to do just that.

I am thrilled to be writing to share some news from the Secondary Campus this week: the much awaited second floor of our cafeteria is almost complete and will be opening very soon!

It doubles our space to enjoy our break and lunch time food and talk together between our hard work in lessons. The beautiful space is completed and we are cleaning up and getting ready to welcome students and teachers in the very near future. It will be a wonderful and relaxed place for staff and students to eat and talk together.

Next week we will work with our Student Executive Leadership Team to make sure everyone has a chance to see and use the space when we open. We will also be getting creative so that the students can make the space their own: a design competition is on the way! As I looked around and took these pictures today, it was big, empty and quite cold with all the fans on but, I could already picture how we will come together in this space and make it our own. Our community is the heart of our school.

Thank you to all the parents who came to the IGCSE and A Level Options Showcase this week. The whole school was alive with conversation. Students, staff and parents stayed late to ask questions and listen to each other. The learning environments were dynamic and the conversations I heard were really genuine. Thank you to all our staff who care so much and work so hard to inspire and empower our children. The very next day we hosted a University Fair for our Year 11 and 12 students that was a huge success. We help our children to see what the world has to offer them and what they have to offer the world.

Please don’t forget that students and families can contribute to the Royal British Legion Poppy appeal in both campuses over the next week or two. It is another very important cause that embodies the ‘Life Value of the Month’ for November: being internationally minded.

The week is ending with a great deal of fun as the first FOBP and student led event of the year takes place. There are a lot of fun (and frights!) to be had as teams tackle the escape room and we play and enjoy the movie night. Thank you to FOBP and all the student leaders and volunteers (over 60!) who helped to promote, plan, organise and raise money for FOBP to help the school.

Our World Languages team also had their first intercultural day of the year today as students learned about ‘Día de los Muertos’ in lessons and in activities throughout the day. Bangkok Prep is an amazing place for high quality academic learning as well as exploring the diversity of peoples and cultures around the world.

This is just a week and I could continue to write about many other experiences we have shared but, I must go out now to join in the fun again and see the smiles and laughs that make my job such a joy.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Tia Court-Smith

Head of secondary

(and also a spider for today)


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