Tournament of Minds – Sunday March 3rd 2019 - Bangkok Prep

Tournament of Minds – Sunday March 3rd 2019

Secondary: Tournament of Minds

On Sunday 3rd of March, Bangkok Prep’s Secondary Campus again hosted Tournament of Minds – an interschool competition in which teams of seven prepare a solution to a challenge from one of the four main areas: Language and Literature, STEM, Social Sciences and The Arts. On the day, the campus was buzzing with excitement, whilst teams of energetic students – both primary and secondary – transported models and props they created in the 6-week preparation period from one presentation area to another. Out of the five Bangkok Prep secondary teams competing this year, three received Winner and Honours medals (Winners in STEM and Social Sciences; Honours in Social Sciences).

Justyna Waszczylko, TOM Director-Thailand/ Gifted and Talented Secondary Coordinator

Competing in Tournament of Minds 2019 was a pleasure, especially to be able to represent our school. It was a big event that hosted many teams from international schools around Bangkok. Being able to participate in Tournament of Minds granted us the ability to talk and work with other students with and from different schools.

Maria Y8

Tournament of Minds was definitely an unforgettable experience. It has encouraged us to grow into individuals who strive to push the limits of our own creativity and build stronger bonds with our peers from all year groups. All of us worked together in unity to create a piece of work greater than all our individual talents could have done. It has taught us an extremely valuable lesson, not only about the importance of teamwork, but also about how effective it is to “think out of the box”.

Katii Y10

Primary: Tournament of Minds

On Sunday 3rd March we entered teams to take part in Tournament of Minds. Children had worked on long term challenges for 6 weeks and performed with great confidence in front of the judges. Everyone worked with great enthusiasm and endeavour throughout the day.

Both teams chose to participate in the ‘Language and Literature’ category, with their task centred around producing a persuasive pitch for producing a film based on a well-known children’s book. This activity posed many challenges for the participants, providing the perfect platform to develop a range of important skills such as: collaboration, creativity, independence and public speaking. All of the children involved dedicated a great deal of time and effort to this project, showcasing the commitment and hard-working nature of the students here at Bangkok Prep.


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