U9-U11 BISA Swimming League Round 2  - Bangkok Prep

U9-U11 BISA Swimming League Round 2 

Monday 23rd of May saw the Primary Bulldogs swim team head to St Andrew’s  to take part in round 2 of the BISA League. As the team exited primary campus the energy was high inside all 3 buses, with an eagerness to get into the water and compete against those from Harrow, Shrewsbury and St Andrews International schools.

Warm up complete time to get ready for the first event. As Coach Andrew and Coach Ollie readied their troops in the grandstand, coaches Yean and Jiang made sure athletes got to the right heats in the Marshaling area. If the heat on the poolside was intense it was even more so in the water as swimmer after swimmer blazed a trail doing themselves and their respective schools proud.

The Butterfly and Backstroke individual events were complete, with our swimmers holding their own and picking up valuable points for the Bulldogs team. As we entered the freestyle relay events it was total Prep Bulldogs domination. All of the teams coming in first.

The final individual events were Breaststroke and freestyle and yet again the majority of our athletes were coming in the top 3. This only buoyed the support coming from the grandstand with the volume increasing and the team spirit amongst our athletes being something to be proud of.

The final event was the medley relay race. Again a strong representation from the Bulldogs with 4 teams competing. A Lot of our swimmers were swimming strokes that they wouldn’t necessarily choose but all gave maximum effort. This was clearly illustrated in the final race of the day as out A team stormed past the Shrewsbury team in the final 25m to claim a much deserved victory.


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