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UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge 2022 Results!

In the week before residentials Bangkok Prep students participated in UK Bebras 2022 – a problem solving competition – alongside hundreds of thousands of students in British curriculum schools across the world.

Well done to all UK Bebras 2022 participants! If you participated in the competition and have not seen your score – go back through your emails and find your Bebras username / password and log in to their site to find out how well you did.

This year we are honoured to have no less than 30 students whose Bebras score placed them in the top 10% in the world in their respective categories. Therefore, these students have automatically qualified for the Oxford University Computing Challenge 2023, taking place in January next year. All students who made this great achievement were emailed on 01/12/2022, along with their parents/guardians. We wish them the best luck in their preparations for this prestigious follow-up competition!

Back to Bebras – the TOP 5 students in each age category are listed below – congratulations!


Juniors (Year 7) – total 61 participants

  1. Vihaan 176pts
  2. Bam 172pts
  3. Poonn 168pts
  4. Zuri 161pts
  5. Ken 154pts

Inters (Year 8 and Year 9) – total 139 participants

  1. Kiarash 168pts
  2. JaiSai 156pts
  3. Pome 154pts
  4. Uno 151pts
  5. Java 147pts

Seniors (Year 10 and Year 11) – total 25 participants

  1. Pip 200pts
  2. Pong 184pts
  3. Atty 166pts
  4. Ben 159pts
  5. Mooli 148pts

Elites (Year 12) – total 8 participants

  1. Alex 127pts
  2. Pol 121pts
  3. Shounak 116pts
  4. Ella 95pts
  5. Pun 85pts

Extra special mentions to: Kiarash and Pome (Y8) for two consecutive years with ‘TOP 3’ finishes; Pong (Y11), for three consecutive years in the ‘TOP 3’; and lastly Pip (Y10) – for being the first student ever at Bangkok Prep to score 100% in the Bebras competition (along with three consecutive ‘TOP 3’ finishes)!

Once the Bebras certificates are ready we will share another update to show our excellent students receiving their awards.


See you again next year!


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