UKMT – Intermediate Maths Challenge 2019 - Bangkok Prep

UKMT – Intermediate Maths Challenge 2019

Each year the United Kingdom Maths Trust (UKMT) conducts an intense, problem-solving based test for high-ability Mathematicians in The United Kingdom and abroad. Over 6 million students participate in the testing each year, with the highest performers receiving Gold, Silver or Bronze awards. This year’s winners were as follows:

Year 11:

Gold: Perth, Chalisa

Silver: Natt, JJ

Bronze: Chandresh, Warut, Andre, Jerry

Year 10:

Gold: Brin, Khing, Gunn

Silver: Victoria, Kashika, Sean, Hugh, Phuris

Bronze: Ritto, Kirti, Arlena

Year 9:

Gold: Rishabh, Pyncha, Ken K, Sarin, Max P, Rada

Silver: Punn, Taas T

Bronze: Proud, Kahyeon, Sean S, Ema, Taas A

If that wasn’t a huge enough achievement for our brilliant Mathematicians, several of the best performers did so well that they were invited for subsequent testing.

Students who were in the top 8000 (out of millions) were invited to participate in the Kangaroo round. Those who scored in the top 25% received a merit. It is an extremely high achievement just to qualify for the Kangaroo round. The results for that round of testing were as follows:

Year 11:

Qualification: Perth, Chalisa

Year 10:

Merit: Khing

Year 9:

Merit: Pyncha, Rada

Qualification: Sarin, Max P, Ken K

But wait, there’s more! For those amazing performers who were in the top 1500 (remember millions sat this test) they were invited to the Olympiad round of testing. We had two really strong performers this year and it’s an amazing achievement for them to have gotten so far and to have done so well.

Year 10: Brin (Merit)

Year 9: Rishabh (Distinction)

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