UKMT Senior Maths Challenge 2021 - Bangkok Prep

UKMT Senior Maths Challenge 2021

Recently, 81 students from KS4 and KS5 took part in the prestigious UKMT Senior Maths challenge. The Senior Mathematical Challenge is a 90-minute, multiple-choice Challenge and it encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems, with the top-scoring 66% of students receiving a Bronze, Silver or Gold award in the ratio 3:2:1.

75% of our participating Bangkok Prep students received an award, amassing an impressive haul of 13 Gold awards, 22 Silver awards and 26 Bronze awards.


Special recognition must go to Atty in Year 10, who achieved an impressive 125 out of 125. Full marks, amazing! 

























Best in Year 11: Soham

Best in Year 12: Rishabh 

Best in Year 13: Hunter

Congratulations to the winning & participating students below:

Name Award
Att Gold
Rishabh Gold
Divyansh Gold
Pakpume Gold
Soham Gold
Patsucha Gold
Aashir Gold
An Gold
Malissa Gold
Pattrasuth Gold
Noppakrit Gold
Varit Gold
Sarin Gold
Pyncha Silver
Ben Silver
Nadol Silver
Manas Silver
Joy Silver
Anutida Silver
Kashika Silver
Ohm Silver
Tanay Silver
Gunn Silver
Jirapas Silver
Rohan Silver
James Silver
Talay Silver
Gunjan Silver
Holly Silver
Anuyut Silver
Julian Silver
Dhruv Silver
Ratchapol Silver
Aakarsh Silver
Gaaurav Silver
Natasha Bronze
Moe Bronze
Ella Bronze
Arham Bronze
Apisara Bronze
Taan Bronze
Alexander Bronze
Tinn Bronze
Anothai Bronze
Parnus Bronze
Ana Bronze
Kantarisa Bronze
Hitansh Bronze
Reza Bronze
Rihito Bronze
Patchariya Bronze
Ritika Bronze
Pattanan Bronze
Karnrawee Bronze
Yatharth Bronze
Aim Bronze
April Bronze
Ayaka Torhathai Bronze
Lapasrada Bronze
Phantira Bronze
Sanskriti Participation
Gunyanat Participation
Alex Participation
Cherprang Participation
Natdanai Participation
Arpassara Participation
Harsh Participation
Phurich Participation
Yena Participation
Ashvin Participation
Phromphorn Participation
Patranit Participation
Raina Participation
Saisha Participation
Magnum Participation
Touchpong Participation
Peam Participation
Kiri Participation



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