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VESPA Mindset Key Stage 5 Tutor Training

On the 15th and 17th June Bangkok Prep had the privilege of virtually working with the co-author of the A-Level Mindset and GCSE Mindset books Steve Oakes. He is former Assistant Head of Sixth Form who helped deliver consistently outstanding A-Level results using the VESPA Mindset.

What is the VESPA Mindset?

The VESPA system looks at the importance of non-cognitive skills in educational success. It draws together current thinking from psychology, business and sport to inspire, motivate and support students ensuring they achieve their full potential. It aims to cut through the noise surrounding character development to discover common behaviours and characteristics that all students need to be successful.

Extensive research and observation suggest 5 key components to success, which can be measured and developed in all students.


The degree to which a student knows what they want to achieve


The number of hours proactive independent study a student is willing to do


The level to which the student organises their learning resources


The level to which a student commits to practicing and developing their skills


The way a student responds constructively to setbacks

In Key Stage 5 we have been implementing aspects of the VESPA system for the last 18 months during Tutor Time on a Monday morning and it was fantastic having Steve deliver bespoke training to new tutors on Monday and to all Sixth Form tutors on Wednesday which focused on coaching.

The advice offered was based on his own experience, supported with extensive research and was highly practical. The virtual room was energised with everyone enthused to try out the strategies delivered.

Finally, a huge thanks to Ms Court-Smith, Ms Wilsonlock, and Khun Mod who made the event possible.


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