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Wai Kru Day 2019

Wai Kru Day at Primary 2019

“Wai”, a short word, but with long and warm meaning to all Thai people. The Wai is not only for greeting, apologising, thanking but it is also for showing respect and appreciation and personal gratitude. The “Wai” is considered to be a mainly symbolic gesture for students on the important day called “Wai Kru Day”; thus all students will realise and recognise what their teachers do for them.

Following traditional beliefs, we use an Ixora flower to represent symbolism of student qualities meaning that the students wish for themselves to have sharp wit with support from their teachers. Also, why does the Wai Kru day occur on a Thursday? The answer is that there is an astrological rule (which has influence from Hindu mythology) that assigns an orange colour to Thursday based on the colour of the Bṛhaspati – the God who protects Thursday. He is considered a Guru (teacher) by all the Devas (heavenly, divine, anything of excellence). This explains why the Wai Kru ceremony is held on a Thursday and the orange colour is considered as a symbol of the day.

Therefore, we, the Thai department, would like to encourage all teaching staff to be in an orange shirt, necktie, dress or clothes on Wai Kru Day this year that will be held on Thursday 19th September 2019 at 1.30PM in our Sports Hall @53. We are looking forward to seeing all teachers and students in the warm and meaningful “Wai Kru” ceremony.

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