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Weekly Wellbeing Focus

Welcome to the Weekly Wellbeing Focus. The focus for this week is Beating bullying / Harassment.

Students know what bullying is, they understand the power bullies can have over them, they know what to do to not engage with them, but many of them still do. Why? It is their addiction to Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). They open every single electronic communication they receive, including the cruel ones, and then the damage is done. In person bullying, while still severe harassment, is much easier for students to overcome or not engage with than electronic bullying, by walking away.


Following some approaches to use to not engage with bullies:

  • Make up five assertive language statements with the body language to match. The structure is, say what concerns them, how they feel and what they want to happen.
  • Listening to and giving others time is the greatest respect they can give a person. They don’t respect bullies, so switch off and don’t give them any attention.
  • Use Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO)
  • Think about what are five strengths bullies overuse, underuse or misuse and how they do; they are weak and cruel people.
  • Make up five positive I can and I will self-talk statements to stop them engaging with bullies.
  • For each of their top strengths, write down one thought, one word and one action they could use not to engage.

Acknowledgement: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi & Hunter


Some useful videos that discuss this week’s focus:





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