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Weekly Wellbeing Focus – Big Four / Total Health

Welcome to the Weekly Wellbeing Focus. The focus for this week is Big Four / Total Health

Parent Wellbeing: After the completing the Character Strengths survey (www.viacharacter.org) to identify your top strengths, write them on a Strengths Wheel and put it on the fridge. Download the wheel from the Individual Resources > Character Strengths section of www.learningcurve.com.au. This is a great activity for your whole family to start conversations about strengths at home.

Many students need our support and guidance to raise their self-awareness on how they can adopt healthier lifestyles. They make not think so, but the reality is that there is an increasing proportion of them who are not exercising their bodies or minds enough, eating a diet high in processed and takeaway foods, contracting diabetes at an early age, becoming obese and looking on the darker side of life. These are real and unwelcome outcomes for our future generations should we not act decisively now.

Every week there is an opportunity for students to increase their self-awareness of their mental and physical health by completing the “Big Four Check In” activity in their planners/journals. They self-assess on how they exercised, ate healthy, thought positively and slept well.

Proactive things that they can do include, have fun exercising for an hour daily with family and friends or on their own, and doing non-electronic brain exercises such as crosswords and scrabble which work well. To think positively, encourage them to look for the good things which fill them with optimism. As a family, turn off your devices at 9.00pm nightly.

Provide students with healthy, fresh and unprocessed foods. Is important for you to role model sleeping well, exercising, eating healthy, turning off devices and thinking positively.

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Some useful videos that discuss this week’s focus:

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