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Weekly Wellbeing Focus – Fun and laughter / Humour

Welcome to the Weekly Wellbeing Focus. The focus for this week is Fun and laughter / Humour.


Parent Wellbeing: When you and your family learn how to self-generate positive emotions in yourselves, everyone’s wellbeing will be in a healthy place. An activity which enables this, is Photo 7. Every day for a week, you all take photos of things on your phones which made you happy. Share them as a family at dinner time each night.


Being a teenager should be a most satisfying and enjoyable time in students’ lives. Safely negotiating new relationships, risk taking activities, having fun and learning about what their best possible self could look like are stimulating experiences. The natural highs students get from having fun in person with groups of family and friends, come from the brain’s feel good brain chemicals serotonin and oxytocin being released into their blood streams. No electronic pleasure comes close in intensity to being with other people. We really need to encourage more in person and less electronic communication.

Humour is a wonderful strength to enjoy for students to lighten up. It creates opportunities to look on the bright side of life, have fun and laugh, which boost positive emotions that nurture feelings of optimism and hope for the future. Everyone has mirror neurons which imitate the intentions, expressions and emotions of those around us. By encouraging students to be on the lookout for the funny things in life, they can unconsciously use mirror neurons to benefit their and others’ wellbeing.

The best tonic when they are feeling a little down or tense is to do something kind for someone else or have fun with other people.


Acknowledgement: McQuaid & Kern


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