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Weekly Wellbeing Focus – Meeting You / Experiencing You

Welcome to the Weekly Wellbeing Focus. The focus for this week is Meeting You / Experiencing You.


Parent Wellbeing: Being grateful for and appreciating the people, mother-nature and little things in your life, connects you to things outside of yourself. Doing this also enables you to self-generate positive emotions in yourself. Describe special people and little things that you are grateful for and connect with to feel good about yourself.

The greatest single influence to living a meaningful and fulfilling life is high quality personal relationships. Nearly everything that we will achieve in life will be through people, with people and by people, so we need to develop our students’ interpersonal skills to communicate including:

  • using and reading positive body language messages
  • recognising inference, bias and emphasis in conversations
  • developing relationships through face to face conversations
  • learning to listen with their eyes, their ears and their hearts
  • valuing and considering other peoples’ opinions because they matter
  • being present and mindful in each and every moment

Our students are digital natives, who in most situations, prefer communicating with their devices rather than having face to face personal conversations with others. And because of this lack of in person interaction, many students are not learning how to read or send appropriate body language messages, meaning that the development of their interpersonal skills can often be stunted. They are also missing out on the magnificent feelings which come from serotonin and oxytocin, the brain chemicals released during in person interactions. We all possess mirror neurons, which copy the intentions, expressions, moods and feelings of those around us, but not from screens. We need to create opportunities for them to experience the beauty of in person connection.


Acknowledgement: Greenfield & Iacoboni


“The greatest motivational act one person can do for another is to listen.” Ray Moody

Some useful videos that discuss this week’s focus:


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