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Weekly Wellbeing Focus – Time, Freedom & Responsibilities / Time Management

Welcome to the Weekly Wellbeing Focus. The focus for this week is Time, Freedom & Responsibilities / Time Management

Parent Wellbeing: A great strategy to put yourself in a positive frame of mind every morning, is to spend five minutes over a coffee, to think about and then write down what you are looking forward to most for the day ahead. They don’t have to be big things. It’s funny how looking forward to something lifts your spirits. 


Many students believe they ‘have their acts together’ and don’t need to organise their time in a structured way. The reality for most of them is the exact opposite. Making the choice to create a timetable of their commitments and responsibilities will actually provide them with more time to do what they want to do and sticking to it will also build their resilience to distractions. Writing down their musts, options and the suggested number of home learning sessions on the blank timetable can be a powerful motivator for them to realise they have choice in their lives.
After living by their timetables for three weeks, they will realise themselves how it is making their lives better. Doing this requires deliberate practice and a sustained effort which will create patterns for their brains to tune into. They develop a sense of meaning and purpose for being at school and students will take greater ownership of their learning progress, because their Personal Timetable is a contract with themselves. Put a copy on the fridge for family support.

Encourage students to use the interactive study timetable on the website www.learningcurve.com.au in the Individual Resources and Professional Practice Support section. Because things change in their lives, using this resource enables them to make adjustments online and then print out their new timetables.


Acknowledgement: Wade & Walsh 

Students have discussed these things during this week’s focus:

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