Weekly Wellbeing Focus - Bangkok Prep

Weekly Wellbeing Focus

Welcome to the Weekly Wellbeing Focus. The focus for this week is Asking for Support / Help-Seeking.


Students can seek help from peer groups, friends, parents, teachers, Circle of Champions and outside groups such as Reachout or Kids Helpline. Knowing who is best to ask for different problems, and then asking, is a key skill in maintaining a healthy state of wellbeing. The strengths judgement, trust, courage and hope for the future, will empower students to ask when they need to seek help for learning and personal problems.

Another key factor for a healthy state of wellbeing is for them to have at least two supportive peer groups which they can share things with. It is inevitable that they will have problems with one of their peer groups, and having another one to turn to for support, will ensure that they will not slide into pessimistic thinking or feel social isolation. Too much electronic leisure time also detracts from their feelings of being connected. We need to encourage students to meet new people in places such as, sports and arts groups, choirs, lifesaving, debating, church or leisure pursuits.

Healthy peer groups understand shared and clear expectations of each other, to speak up if they don’t want to do something and have empathy for each other. Seeking help is a key resilience skill of reaching out for social connectedness.

Acknowledgement: Gulliver, Griffiths & Christensen

Some videos that discuss this week’s focus are as follows:






Jake McIntosh
Assistant Head of Secondary – Wellbeing


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