WWF Green Flag Award Reaccreditation - Bangkok Prep

WWF Green Flag Award Reaccreditation

This week I had the pleasure of accompanying 5 members of the eco team to the Primary Campus where we were presenting to 2 ladies from the WWF in order to renew our Green Flag status. 

The students did a fantastic job, and I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the team for getting all the documents together for the presentation at such short notice.  In particular, I must say a special thank you to Chalisa and Ayami, our Year 13 Eco team leaders, for creating an amazing presentation and guiding the eco team through the necessary jobs that needed to be completed. 

Lynne Pearson

Eco Team Leader

Here are some of our students’ thoughts/reflections on the day:

One of Our school’s goals this year is to maintain the green flag and keep our reputation as an eco-school. The green flag is an internationally recognised award for excellence in environmental action and learning. We want to give students the educational program, school grounds, and organisational culture to encourage the development of environmental awareness to our community. Our aim is to try and empower students to change bad habits that create bad consequences directly related to the environment of the world. We aim to achieve this through environmental studies/education and be aware of the different ways we can improve.  

Jarja Year 12

The presentation day was really scary and exciting. When I arrived at school it was exciting because we needed to practise our presentation then go to the primary campus for a tour and present to the WWF representatives.  When I was practising the presentation, it was a bit hard to summarise all of the topics, but I got through it.  When I did my part of the presentation, I did stop at times, but not for too long. It was a little scary but overall it was really fun to do all of the activities.

Hope Year 8


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