Y5 Planetarium & Science Museum Trip - Bangkok Prep

Y5 Planetarium & Science Museum Trip

On Tuesday 12th February, Year 5 went on a trip to the Science Museum and Planetarium in Ekkamai. They explored various science exhibitions to learn about space and time, electricity, forces and planet Earth.

The museum was very interactive and the children thoroughly enjoyed being able to take part in experiments involving gravity (and lots of dizziness) and to get on board a space shuttle to travel at light speed. Did you know that travelling at light speed makes you age more slowly? The children also enjoyed generating electricity through cycling.

The main reason behind our visit was to visit the planetarium to learn more about space. We attended a very informative and engaging planetarium show in which we learnt all about the constellations and the landscapes of various planets, moons and nebulas. There was a quite a reaction from the audience as planets came zooming towards us and when we got to go through the rings of Saturn.

The trip gave us plenty to ponder and it was pleasing to hear that many of the children would like to go back in their own time to learn more about science.

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