Year 10 Bronze Award Adventurous Journey   - Bangkok Prep

Year 10 Bronze Award Adventurous Journey  

Twelve Year 10 students embarked on their International Award Bronze Adventurous Journey in the captivating region of Kanchanaburi. They were a group of enthusiastic young explorers that completed an unforgettable expedition, immersing themselves in the stunning natural beauty of the province. 

The International Award, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, is a globally recognized program that encourages young individuals to challenge themselves, develop essential skills, and explore their potential through a series of adventurous and community-focused activities. The Bronze level, the first level on this extraordinary programme, requires participants to complete a demanding expedition that tests their resilience, teamwork, and outdoor survival skills. Navigating through challenging trails, the young adventurers honed their map-reading and orienteering skills. They faced obstacles, both physical and mental, as they overcame mud, rain, and dogs! With each step, they discovered the importance of perseverance, determination, and the strength of teamwork. In total, they hiked nearly 50km over the four days. 

Crosby Beynon
International Award Leader, Biology Teacher and Year 8 Science Lead


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