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Year 10 Field Trip to Chinese Restaurant

Get ready to be thrilled by the amazing events that unfolded this Monday, June 12th! The fantastic Year 10 Mandarin students embarked on an amazing Chinese cultural field trip to the brand new “Peking Restaurant” branch. This place has recently been given a beautiful makeover, and it’s fully equipped with everything you can imagine, including a karaoke section. How cool is that?

Our students were presented with an incredible opportunity to learn how to make dumplings and order Chinese food using Mandarin, the target language. They were treated to a wide variety of famous Chinese dishes, like the Peking duck, xiaolongbao, sweet sour shrimp, lamb chops and more! It was a true feast! Not only did they enjoy the delicious food, but they also learned fascinating details about the background of each dish and the proper way to dine in Chinese culture. Talk about a complete cultural experience!

And that’s not all! The trip had even more exciting moments in store for our students. They engaged in entertaining activities like baamboozle games that kept them on their toes and had them laughing together. To top it all off, they unleashed their inner singing sensations during the Chinese Karaoke sessions. The restaurant was filled with joy and energy! As the visit came to a close, our talented students proudly created a poster in Chinese, expressing their incredible experience and heartfelt appreciation to the supportive restaurant staff. It was heart-warming to witness our students’ passion for Chinese food culture and their constant use of Mandarin throughout the trip. Ms. Song, the owner of Peking Restaurant, was truly impressed by the exceptional manners displayed by our students. A big round of applause goes out to our outstanding Year 10 Mandarin students!

It’s truly wonderful to see our students embrace Chinese food culture with such enthusiasm. Their passion for Mandarin language and appreciation for the restaurant staff’s support shines brightly. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures as our students continue to explore the fascinating world of Mandarin!


Ms Wang & Ms Gong

Here is the feedback from our students:

Ben 10AB

Kabeer 10AS 

My experience was really good at the Peking restaurants and I enjoyed the food a lot especially the fried rice which had vegetables and egg, also enjoyed the karaoke.

Sunson  10AS


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