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Year 10 Mandarin Field Trip to Peking Restaurant

This Wednesday, June 8th, Year 10 Mandarin students participated in a Chinese cultural field trip to the “Peking Restaurant”. Our students were offered a wonderful opportunity to learn how to make dumplings from the professional chef as well as to order Chinese food using the target language. There were various famous Chinese foods including Peking duck, xiaolongbao, seafood rolls, sour spicy soup and more! Students enjoyed the authentic food while learning about both the background of each dish and the correct dining etiquette. Another highlight of the trip was the fun activities such as lucky draws and Chinese Karaoke. At the end of the visit, students produced a written summary in Chinese about their experience as well as expressing their appreciation to the supportive staff in the restaurant. It is lovely to see our students have great passion for Chinese food culture and use Mandarin language all the time in the restaurant. The owner from the Peking restaurant Ms Song was highly impressed by the good manners of our students. A huge well done to our Year 10 Mandarin students! 


Ms Wang & Ms Gong


Feedback from students:




We went to the Peking restaurant for delicious Chinese food. This restaurant has a variety of Chinese dishes. Apart from Peking duck and spicy sour soup, they also have seafood rolls and fried dumplings. Although I have never eaten Chinese food, I ordered three dishes. Not only did I order caramelised sweet potatoes, but I also ordered fried sauce noodles and spicy sour potato strips. The food is both delicious and cheap. This experience has a lot of benefits. For example, it helped us improve our Chinese speaking skills. Because I practised speaking in Chinese, my Chinese speaking is getting better and better. In my opinion, this experience is both good and interesting.

Yumin 10WG


This once-in-a-lifetime experience was very fun and insightful. We all learnt something new about Chinese culture – including how to order in Mandarin, and how to make our own dumplings. The food was very good, and the restaurant was peaceful and beautiful.

这次去中国饭馆的经历非常有趣和有意义。 我们都学习了新的中国文化和知识,比如, 用中文点菜和包饺子。 在我看来, 他们的菜不但很好吃,而且饭馆又安静又漂亮。

Jan 10CC


饭馆的中国菜很好吃。他们有很多的菜单, 除了北京烤鸭以外,我们还吃了包子,糖醋鱼,酸辣汤,面条,炒饭和很多的中国菜。饭馆不但又大又干净,而且服务员很有礼貌。我觉得饭馆的桌子很酷,因为可以转。我们包了很多的饺子。 我觉得很有意思。另外,我觉得饭馆的菜很便宜。因为饭馆很漂亮和饭菜便宜,所以我觉得以后我和家人一起去吃。

The restaurant’s Chinese food was really good. They had a lot on their menu, not only we ate Beijing style peking duck, we also ate steamed bun, fish with sweet sauce, sour spicy soup, noodles, fried rice, and lots of other Chinese food. The restaurant was not only clean but was really spacious and their waitresses were polite and nice. I think the restaurant’s table (it spins) is cool. We made lots of dumplings which I think was fun. Also I think the restaurant is actually cheap. Because the restaurant’s design was nice and cheap I would like to eat with my family

Han 10WG

Ordering food in Mandarin

Learning to make dumplings with chef


Enjoying the delicious Chinese food at the restaurant

Lucky draw

Making posters

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