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Year 10 Mandarin students participated in a Field Trip

Year 10 Mandarin students participated in a Chinese cultural field trip to the “Peking Restaurant” on June 14th. Our students had an opportunity to learn how to make dumplings from the professional chef as well as to order Chinese food using the target language. The food was varied and really delicious. At the end of the visit, they produced a written summary in Chinese about their experience. 

Students’ thoughts and reflections:

“The trip to the Peking restaurant was quite exemplary. It was definitely a highlight of our Mandarin IGCSE course as it allowed us to practise our speaking skills in real-life situations and the food was delicious. In addition to this, we also learnt how to make and cool dumplings.” – Armaan   10SA


“I think the trip was very educational and fun, as I’ve learnt how to make dumplings, and also I have learnt the name of the food in the Chinese. Also I developed my understanding of Chinese manners at the dining table.” -Phuris 10SA


“The trip was definitely the highlight of my year. Other than learning to make dumplings and eat delicious Chinese food, I also got to speak Mandarin a lot and enjoyed quality time with my friends”. – Pooh 10SA

It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience authentic (and delicious!) Chinese cuisine, as well as to experience our fascinating Chinese culture; furthermore, it provided the students with an invaluable opportunity to use the target language in an authentic situation. 

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