Year 12 AS Geography Fieldwork - Bangkok Prep

Year 12 AS Geography Fieldwork

Year 12 Geography students complete two days of fieldwork as part of their A Level course to complete the examination, ‘Investigating Geography’. Over the last two months, Geographers have completed urban and coastal fieldwork to ensure they have a deep understanding of how fieldwork is planned and carried out.

At the beginning of October, students visited Rayong to investigate the impact of coastal management and the local area’s shoreline management plan. Our students investigated beach profiles, measured the velocity of the swash and backwash and considered the impact of longshore drift. They answered key questions about whether the beach is erosion or deposition dominant and if more coastal management is needed.

Last week our students visited the Khlong Toei community to find out more about what life is like for people who live there, and future urban regeneration plans for their community. We were delighted by the welcome we received from the people within the community, it was a real privilege to be able to speak with them. We were also lucky enough to visit a community school which has inspired some students to work on projects similar for Service Learning.

Our students represent themselves and the school wonderfully. They were engaged and worked hard throughout. Most importantly, they were polite and respectful to everyone they met. We are extremely proud of them!

Mrs Dixon & Mr Weston

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