YEAR 12 RESIDENTIAL SARABURI 2020 Report - Bangkok Prep


This year’s Year 12 Residential Trip took place in Saraburi. We took part in many activities, including hiking, camping, pottery and cooking, kayaking, abseiling, rock climbing, hammock weaving and floral arrangement.

On the first day we stopped in Khao Yai to do a short trek. Groups A and B were split and took different routes: one that went through a field and another that went through the jungle and past a waterfall.

At Uncle Chris’s Farm, we learnt how to do pottery and created new learning facilities for the students from the area. That night group A got to do a house cheerleading competition, while group B was camping.

Over the next two days, we took turns, abseiling, rock climbing and kayaking. Abseiling and hiking in Year 12 is now different from before. This time, we are doing in the real place with nature, on a real cliff, which is harder.

At night we did a Quiz Night where the whole Year 12 students were gathered together along with the teachers and staff for some trivia fun.

In-between physical activities, we were also creative and engaged in hammock weaving, floral arrangement and mindfulness.

Hammock weaving might be the hardest activity because you just don’t make it, but you also need to test it if it is strong enough by letting 2 people in your group hold the edge and let the other person sit down. If it can hold you then it works, but if not then it will break.

Floral arrangement was calming which helped a lot of us to refresh our minds and calm ourselves down before moving back to our normal study routine. The last activity was organized by people from the Moa Thai Foundation. Throughout the activity, there was calm music in the background for us to enjoy it even more. We felt light-hearted as we headed on our journey back to Bangkok.

We would like to thank all the staff and teachers who have accompanied us on this residential trip, taking care of us and our safety and making it fun, enjoyable.

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