Year 13 Residential Report - Bangkok Prep

Year 13 Residential Report

Having had a rough and unexpected year, with the COVID pandemic, none of us thought that we would be able to have our last residential together. The news of our trip was happening came as a ray of happiness and hope into our lives. We were fortunate enough to get the final opportunity to spend five days making memories of a lifetime with all of our friends. Thanks to our amazing teachers, Mr Groves, Mr Gosling, Ms Kriel, Ms Parker, Mr Reilly, Khun Time, Ms Ireland, Khun Aom, and all the Holiday on Boots staff that supported us and made sure that we returned with all ten toes intact, we honestly can’t thank them enough. Not only did they join us and look after us through the trip but they also participated in all our activities, where we got to see how truly helpless Mr Groves is when it comes to creative arts.

We started off the trip by helping out the local community by painting the school’s basketball court, their hopscotch game on the road, shoe racks, building a wall and even lifting many tons of sand. It was fabulous to give back and have such a positive impact on their school community and strengthen the partnership.

Next came the activities…We crawled under barbed wire in the military boot camp, learnt how to make paper out of elephant poop and rafted in the snake infested rapids, we truly did it all. Each activity had its own charms and challenges and through each one we got to continuously work and encourage one another, celebrating our successes and laughing and learning from our failures. From the moment we started our day to the moment we slept, we were completely invested in what Chiang Mai had in store for us. This residential brought forth each and every one of our talents, whether that be in cooking Thai delicacies or in Dutch kickboxing, the residential trip of 2020 has been the highlight of many of our lives. For any of the younger students who will get to experience this trip in Year 13, be prepared for a fun filled, adventurous trip. Bring lots of spare clothes.

Residential reporters:

Benya, Marco and Svara


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