Year 2 Workshop for Parents: ‘How to Support your Child at Home’

Year 2 Workshop for Parents:‘How to Support your Child at Home’

Last week, Year 2 held a workshop focusing on how parents can best support their children with home learning. It centred on Reading, Writing and Maths and gave many strategies and tips on how to help with homework and motivate children to engage fully in learning opportunities. One of the main messages was that homework should not be a chore for the whole family!

Suggestions were presented for playing board games (Monopoly and Scrabble) as well as old favourites such as dominoes and cards. These games encourage coordination, problem solving and even negotiating skills! Examples were given of different apps available for English and Maths activities to consolidate work done in class and also build on computing skills.

Year 2 teachers talked about not just the academics of home learning but also encouraging children to develop their gross and fine motor skills through riding a bike, using scissors, painting, dancing and yoga. Ideas were given for brain breaks which are important to keep your child focused and ‘on-task’.

It was wonderful to see so many parents attend this workshop. Similar workshops will be held during the course of the year as the school continues to work in partnership with parents to support their child’s learning.

If you would like more information, the presentation can be viewed here.

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