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Year 3 Become Forest School Pioneers

This week, intrepid pioneers from Year 3 headed out the school’s forest school site in the Green Lung, becoming the first year group to visit the site. The Year 3 teachers are passionate about linking learning to sustainability and the UN Global Goals and this trip represented the perfect opportunity to consolidate our Geography and Science skills from across the year.

Leading up the trip the children were introduced to the ‘sustainability compass’, which allows learning to be linked to the vital concepts of nature, economy, wellbeing and society. The learning around the trip was linked back to these areas to ensure that children saw the importance of their visit.

The Green Lung is an amazing place and was an eye-opener for many of the children. A short minibus ride down to Khlong Toei Pier, followed by an even shorter boat ride, transported the children to another world. The hustle and bustle of the urban city area was left behind as they became engulfed by the greenery of nature. The school are incredibly fortunate to have a space for outdoor learning and particularly one so close to the main campuses.

Firstly, we visited the forest school site and made the most of the air-conditioned classroom to cool down and recharge. After this, in small groups, we explored the exciting site – which is being improved every day. There is now even an incredibly impressive giant Trojan horse dominating the site! The children were in awe, taking in the sounds and smells of the rural area.

The forest school site is home to two friendly geese, who adopted the children as part of their flock, and an ever-growing collection of hens. Small crops, herbs and lettuce grow steadily across the site and the children enjoyed the opportunity to see and touch these. They particularly enjoyed trying to work out what type of plants the young seedlings were.

There is a lot of potential at the site with children desperate to use the parkour area and climbing frame set over the water (which was not quite ready when we visited), whilst the teachers discussed the endless opportunities for practical Science, Geography and Art activities on future visits.

Water samples were taken from various pools on the site, to be used back in the classroom to test for salinity. We have been told that rising sea water levels on the Green Lung have contributed to the death of some palm trees, so the children wanted to test the water to see how much salt is actually present in the water on the site. These tests will continue over the next couple of weeks.

Following our time at the forest school site, the children took part in a mindful walk around the nearby Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park, taking time to appreciate the peace and quiet. Nature became the focal point again, with guest appearances from magnificent lizards, birds and insects.

As the temperature rose, we retreated back to the refreshing cool of the forest school site and enjoyed an energising lunch before crossing back over the river.

The children were buzzing with enthusiasm for the site and for future trips. Back in the classroom, we will be using our trip as a stimulus for persuasive writing where the children will attempt to convince other children and teachers to visit the site, applying all their persuasive skills developed over the year.

We are all excited about the opportunities for this site and cannot wait to go again.


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