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Year 3 Residential to Khao Yai

Last Friday, Year 3 returned to school a little taller, older and wiser after an exciting trip to Khao Yai. Memories had been made and the bonds between the children (and teachers) had strengthened.

Year 3 were waved off on Thursday morning by a crowd of parents displaying a mixture of pride, excitement and anxiousness! A very smooth journey out of the city saw the convoy of buses arriving at the Mingmongkol Energy Saving Park.

After leaving the Energy Saving Park we stopped for a well-deserved buffet lunch and the children stepped up and behaved wonderfully! Lots of food was consumed and energy levels were replenished.

After lunch it was time to head to the Seven Sisters waterfall. The children listened intently to the park keepers’ talk about the waterfalls and natural beauty of the area, before setting off with notebooks, sketchbooks and clipboards in hand. Each group took time to explore the natural beauty of the area, stopping to make notes, sketch or just observe the surroundings. Mr Cooke even managed to find time to give a stone skimming masterclass to the children. A highlight was seeing a beautiful water monitor avoiding the crowds of children in the shade.

Next up, we checked into the hotel. The children could not believe that they were actually staying in a proper hotel, making every effort to make full use of the facilities in the rooms. Year 3 have never looked as clean as they did when they headed downstairs for a meal by the swimming pool and under the stars.

The evening saw us move upstairs to the conference room to watch a film and rest. There were many weary eyes well before the end of the film and before long all children were back in their rooms and fast asleep.

The teachers were met with wide smiles from the children in the morning. The children had slept well and even the teachers had managed at least a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. The teachers were delighted that the children had shown such maturity overnight. Breakfast was a big hit, with fellow guests out of luck after a big raid on the toast by the children of Year 3.

After breakfast, it was time to head to the Elephant Sanctuary, where the children were told about the evolutionary history of the modern day elephant and closely compared the human and elephant skeletons. The teachers were impressed by some of the excellent observations by many of the children. There was much excitement as the children had the opportunity to spend time feeding the elephants and the latest resident, a (no longer) wild boar.

Stomachs rumbled as we left the sanctuary, so before heading back to school, we devoured lunch at yet another restaurant.

Traffic was kind to us as we headed back to the school. The children were excited to see their families and to tell them about the exciting experiences that will live with them forever.

The teachers and staff that accompanied the children on the trip were very impressed with the behaviour and attitude of the children who were a credit to the school.

Mr Chadderton
Year 3 Leader

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